Sunday, June 13, 2010

Guess who's back

As far as I know, there are only four people who have read this apology for a blog, three of whom are her, her and my current blogger crush, her. Lest I should lose my very limited readership, I have decided to make a re-entry.

The thing is, what I write, is nowhere near as interesting or entertaining as what I say, or do. I’m funny in an observing activity, then commenting about it sort of way. Very funny, if I may say so myself. But this, funny business on the internet is just not my thing.

The past month’s theme has been ennui - it’s been tiresome and boring. I have spent it around two persons on the wrong side of fifty & have on two occasions met people my age. (And for a couple of days my brother) Now my parents are not the sort one can have fun with, nor are they the sort who are content to be ignored. They make it their business to have their heads up my ass with the whole sleep at 10:30 wake up at 6:30 nonsense, and the get your driving license & passport and the lets go out (which with them, is rather torturous) and the why can’t you study and the why do you want to work in this Krishnamurthy and why not PSU and company like X cousin (that they prefer me not to associate too much with X because of her lifestyle is of course not relevant here) agenda.  A complete list of matters to their dissatisfaction (especially my mother’s) include:

What is this tail in your hairstyle, kudumi maadri iruku. To which I replied: “veccha kudumi, siraiccha mottai”.
Why can’t you wear jeans? Why these shorts and funny, funny harems?
Why are you insisting on working in Bangalore? Why not here with us in Delhi? We’ll get you a car, driver and everything you earn will be pocket money.
If you don’t want to study why did you enrol in the CS course? (How does one explain that 40 marks are good enough, 90 is absolutely unnecessary and a colossal waste of time & effort?)
Don’t put photos on facebook, someone will see & see like X, you’ll also have problems. Why do you want to get a bad name?
I don’t care about others, Mudaliars are very conservative. Since you are not finding for yourself, I only have to & if you continue to behave like this you’ll get a very bad name in the community.

Now I’m thanking my stars that in 10 days I’m off to Bangalore, where I have plenty of work. I need to find a house, furnish that crap, figure out how to get to work in under 50 rupees a day (it’ll be around a month before I get my car), get gas, internet and all. Tumba kelsa.
Really this Delhi is such a shit city no, I could write a whole book on why I hate it. But that is worthy of having its own post. Suffice to say that I hate it from the bottom of my heart.


  1. I don't think my mom quite got the difference between shorts and skorts. She prefers shorts to anything that looks like a skirt that size though.

  2. If I got a hairstyle like yours, my mom would laugh hysterically for 2 days and then chop off the kudumi. :D

    Don't be like JilJil and put up nothing but a comeback post every 2 months :P

    These vacations have been interesting. Not met so many new people in years.

    You're also becoming more homely though, no? Observe ishtyle facebook profile pic. Hee :D

  3. Hoi, I'm reading!
    I have a love-hate relationship with Bangalore, and with Delhi too... One needs TONS of money to live in the latter though :-S

  4. @:P: my mom prefers anything that doesn't go higher than my knees (according to her that's the only not so fat part of my body)

    @Punvati (Hhahahaha. I love the name): My mom wouldn't dare pull a stunt like that. She once threw an old towel of mine away, and the tantrums that I threw after has taught her never to try anythin fancy like that again.
    Yeah, no this time I promise to be regular and to keep said promise. I envy your vacations, coz mine, as you probably know sucked, and continue to do so.
    I'm NOT becoming homely. Honestly, I just though I look more feminine, grown up & chic, which is why I put it. And HOT! :D

    @ungsungpsalm: I'm surprised you're still reading. Thank you though. Love-hate with blore? Is it the traffic? Oh, one needs money in both, as I'm sure I'll start finding out when I move to blore at the end of the month. Delhi I hate though. But you already knew that.

  5. make that five people! And I thought 40% was a good 5% more than what one needed.

    I like! :)

  6. i am blusssssssssssssing so it's a good thing you can't see. our mutual love (crush?)story is like kuch kuch hota hai, only not. :)

    anyway, on point - i absolutely hate delhi too. you need not waste your time trying to articulate this hatred into a blogpost,nor blame yourself for this omission. the hate that delhi inspires is the kind that will work you up and you will be frustrated and furious and silent and go off and have yourself a quiet migraine. Thats how it works. :P

    I hope you your job is a pleasant surprise and you grow to love it :)