Sunday, December 13, 2009

Singin paens to MT IV

The holidays have been on for faaaar too long now. I'm missing my floor (something that is only heightened because its the very last time I'll be going back). And in all honesty (and modesty) it is the most awesome floor in all of the National Law University. So in a burst of nostalgia, I wrote an ode to my floor:

O' floor under the heavens
hallowed be thy name,
home to an assortment of creatures,
you are our bodhi tree.

Where "knowledge" is empowerment,
and we all talk through our asses,
them anal retentive people didn't make it
up the last flight of stairs.

matters of great importance,
we have deliberated upon
when things aren't quite as we like 'em
they tend to go up in flames.

There exists the corridor of uncertainity
where we- the privileged confer,
at the end of it we spake to thee,
"how, how you wish you were here."


  1. Awww... And this is awesome :D

  2. thenguberrymuch.
    piece of advice- fuck the grades. live it up!

  3. ok maybe i am just too far away from graduation to truly appreciate this post, but i am finding it inconceivable that one might miss hostel!

    but "floor under the heavens"? and "bodhi tree"? Orey poetry :D hahahahahahahahahahaah

    happy last semester. :)

  4. @Dibba- It's impossible to not miss hostel. You're just a defected piece :P

    @Vaishnavi- Oh yes. Happy last sem. :)